Getting Back To It

Getting Back To It

Friday, July 22, 2011

The calm

What a beautiful evening as I sit on the back deck. The birds have quieted somewhat for the evening. They will begin their praises once again tomorrow morning. Aaron is in the workshop, working on one of his models. By God's unfailing grace and glorious hand Aaron is doing very well. Our initial expectation was that Aaron would return to a pre-op state. That is, he would be somewhat distant and not able to carry out fluid conversations. Surprisingly Aaron has returned closer to normal. What a pleasure to sit, pray, chat and interact with our boy. It so happens that all of our children will be in for the 2nd operation. This wil be a precious time for our family to be together and seek the Lord on Aaron's behalf. Please continue to pray, the family cannot express enough our many thanks for your continued support. A couple of folks stopped over with well wishing and special treats. How refreshing!

All our love,

Fred, Donna, Elizabeth, Aaron, Jennifer, Jordan and Nathan

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