Getting Back To It

Getting Back To It

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Believing and trusting for God's provision

Yesterday the family spent some time enjoying the day.  We went to Saratoga, walked the streets and enjoyed the sun.  The picture is at Mrs London's...mmmmmmmmmm   great food and desert!  Great friends too!  Thanks Kim.  Elizabeth is in today so we are all together.  The hospital called and we need to have Aaron in pre-op at 7AM tomorrow morning (Thursday).  As you can imagine we are very excited to get Aaron through this operation, but of course we are also very concerned as this is a very serious operation.  We continue to trust that God will bring Aaron through triumphantly.  It will be good to be together with all our kids as we pray, hug, support and ask God to do a great work in Aaron.  Please pray that they are able to get the entire tumor, that the tumor is benign and there is no bleeding.  Pray that the tumor is not vascular and there will be no trauma to Aaron's brain.  Thank you so much for your love and support for Aaron and our entire family. 

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